The same ADR Transit Escort, now carried out by Military-trained Personnel

1. Transit Permits for Explosives

Securing Transit Permits for ADR class 1 (explosives)

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2. Licenses (permits) for Military Material in Transit and Escort through Romania

Certified in Romania for transit licenses for military material (weapons, ammunition)

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Quotation, Orders or Advising

24/7 Support

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Transit/Transshipping Licenses and Escort for ADR class 1 products (explosives) and military products (spare parts, ammo, weapons)

Our company is registered in Bucharest, Romania. We are certified for the following services: providing you with permits for ADR class 1 products (explosives) in transit in Romania; providing you with escort of armed guard (gendarmes) for your ADR transit through Romanian territory. providing you with transit/transshipping licenses for military products (spare parts, ammo, weapons).

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